This TED video ,with almost 50M views, (viewed and discussed in class) explains how our body language communicates not only to others, but also to our selves. We learned how to prepare our body—how to prepare our self—to handle stressful situations like giving a newspaper speech or, later in your lives, preparing for your first job interview. We also saw parts of this video about how our body communicates to others. Here is your newspaper speech assignment and how you will be marked, along with some examples of poster boards for students who might want to make a poster instead of a Google Slide. In both cases, you need to make use of visual information—pictures—to support the ideas that you share with your audience by referring to them from time to time during your speech. The article you choose does not have to be recent, but it does have to be a totally new article, not one you have done before.  In the end, just be sure to choose an article about something that interests you, and preferably one that no one else has done either. All assignment details remain the same as the last round of speeches in November. These details are found in the above links. A printed copy of these links was sent home in the fall. (Let me know if you need another printed copy.) Looking forward to hearing your speech on Wednesday 6th March in the learning commons. Once again, I have cue cards if you wish to use them (recommended, so you can face your audience when you talk). I also have poster boards for students who would rather use paper than electronics. Just ask. All work for your newspaper presentation on March 6th will be done at home.

Age-and-content-appropriate, Teaching Kids News is an excellent place to start.





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