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Water + Social Justice

We are working hard to learn more about our relationship with water. We explore not just how water relates to us as individuals; we look at the ways that water impacts the development of culture, migration patterns, and our relationship with the planet.

Math Resources – besides the Math Makes Sense textbook, four additional resources are used: (1) websites; (2) Notebook files made for SMARTboards; (3) Mathletics; (4) MathUP: 

(1) Websites
All math resources are organized by strand under Math on the home page. These links give you access to tailored set of resources that closely mirror the concepts we explore. There are no advertisements, all are free, and none require signing in or the sharing of personal information. These sites re-enforce key math concepts in a visual way.

(2) Notebook files made for SMARTboards
In addition to math websites organized by strand, Notebook files used in class are also posted. Download these files to review or reach ahead. Everything—-helpful problem-solving tips, worksheets, PDFs, Ministry expectations, MathUP problems, along with questions from the text—all are embedded.

(3) Mathletics 
Accessible through the student portal, this resource allows you to practise drill exercises that relate directly to the unit we are exploring.

(4) MathUP 
Helps assess current understanding of specific strands, along with consolidating central math ideas. 

English Resources
While written English assignments are completed in class, English SMARTboard files, which contain anchor charts and exemplars, are accessible for student reference in three locations. They are: (1) available in PDF for download; (2) printed in your English duotang for easy reference; and (3) displayed on the SMARTboard while you are engaged in writing.